Building Permits and Setbacks

Building Permits

The City of Pine Springs requires building permits.

Contact the building inspector for anything intended to be built or added to your property.

Building Inspector:   Mick Kaehler    651-755-6165

He can issue a permit as well as tell you do not need one.  Let the inspector decide.

The definition of structure covers a very wide, almost total, range of projects.    You will be amazed at the amount of useful and precautionary advice that will be given by the building inspector, as well as saving considerable time and money in the long run versus proceeding without a permit.  The City is constantly vigilant of projects, and if not, your neighbors always are.  Having a building permit makes what you are doing legitimate all around.

Download a building permit application.   PineSpringsBuildingPermit.pdf

Guidelines for limiting storm water runoff during construction projects are available from the Environmental Protection Agency and can be found on the following link:

Some useful guides authored by Mick Kaehler:

Guide to Building Decks.pdf

Guide to Finishing a Basement.pdf

Guide to One-Story Garages.pdf

Many projects including decks require approval by the City Council as part of the process of obtaining a building permit.  The primary concern is that the project meet the setbacks listed below as well as any issues with the septic systems.  Deck footings are required by the county to have a 5-foot setback from all components of the septic system.  Projects that change the living area or the number of bedrooms may require an upgrade to the septic system.


The setback rules from the building code are attached here.

For the vast majority of cases the setback is:

40 feet from the street to the front

40 feet from the street to the side if it is a corner lot

20 feet from an internal side boundary

50 feet from the back of the lot

Building Code

The building code has been modified over the years and is currently not in a state easily presented here.  Refer specific questions to the City Council.