The city is billed $2.83 per household each month for recycling pick up.  Please recycle everything that you can.

Waste Management accepts some items that previously had not been accepted.  Included in this list are dairy and juice cartons as well as plastic containers (#1-#7) such as yogurt and sour cream containers.  Lids on those items are also accepted and should be left ON the container.  For residents that shred documents, shredded paper is accepted in a paper bag with the top stapled or rolled shut.  Paperback books are also accepted.  

Curbside Recycling is contracted to Waste Management.

Pickup Schedule

Pickup is every other Thursday.  

We are the Gold Week.
 2019 Gold Week Calendar 

2019 Rec Calendar Screen Shot.png


Useful Links

Washington County Recycling Information link:

Washington County Residential Recycling and Disposal Guide:

Waste Management information:

Waste Management’s Recycle Often. Recycle Right.℠ campaign simplifies recycling by promoting three basic rules: 

1. Recycle all bottles, cans and paper
2. Keep items clean and dry
3. No plastic bags is the link. is particularly helpful.