Pine Springs Ordinances

Ordinance 1 (PDF). Regulates proceedings of the Village Council
Ordinance 2 (PDF).  Relates to Misdemeanors, Breaches of Peace, and Disorderly Conduct
Ordinance 3 3A (PDF).  Relates to Prevention of Fires and Establishes a Service Charge for Fire Department Calls.
Ordinance 4 4A 4B (PDF).  Relates to Motor Vehicles and Traffic Laws
Repealed Ordinance 5 (PDF).  Repealed in Ordinance 17. Regulates Land Use and Building Locations
Ordinance 6 (PDF).  Adoption of a Building Code
Ordinance 7 (PDF).  Regulates the Setting and Control of Fires
Ordinance 8 (PDF).  Requirement of Special Use Permit for Utility Installation
Ordinance 9 (PDF).  Regulates Firearms and Weapons
Ordinance 10 (PDF). Increases Maximum Penalty for Violation of Ordinances
Ordinance 11 (PDF).  Establishes a Planning Commission
Ordinance 12 (PDF). Regulates Operation of Snowmobiles, Mini-bikes, and All-Terrain Vehicles
Ordinance 13 (PDF). Regulates the Burning of Trash, Refuse, etc.
Ordinance 14 (PDF). Creates a Temporary Moratorium on Subdivision
Ordinance 15 (PDF). Establishes Mining Regulations
Ordinance 16 (PDF).  Regulates On-site Sewer and Water
Ordinance 17 (PDF).  Establishes a Zoning Code
Ordinance 18 (PDF). Establishes Platting and Subdivision
Repealed Ordinance 19 (PDF). Established Control of Shade Tree Diseases.  Repealed in Ordinance 19A.
Ordinance 20 (PDF). Animal Control
Ordinance 21 (PDF). Establishes Telecommunication Tower District
Ordinance 22 (PDF). Regulates Illicit Discharge to the Storm Water System
Ordinance 23(PDF).  Opts-out of Temporary Family Health Care Dwellings