Contact the City of Pine Springs

Mailing Address:
City of Pine Springs
P.O. Box 487
Willernie, MN 55090

City Administrative Clerk:
Vickie Keating

Telephone and Office Hours:

If you have a medical or fire emergency CALL 911.

The City office is open for inquiries every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:00 AM.  City Telephone: 651-770-5720 or in person at the Willernie City Hall at 111 Wildwood Rd.

If there is General/City Business that requires immediate attention call Mayor Frank Bastyr at 651-402-4783.

It there are issues with Roads that require immediate attention call Councilman Bill Feely at 651-777-3018.

If there is a vicious animal with an immediate threat call the Washington County Sheriff's non-emergency number 651-439-9381.